Strongly repellent

SC-tek treatment repels both water and oils due to low surface energy of used polymers


Hundred nano-meter thin film doesn’t restrain the breathability of the fabric


SC-tek treatment does not affect the look and the feel of the fabric

Long lasting

SC-tek treatment produces a thin polymer film around each fabric fiber, that is chemically bound to it for long-lasting effect

Machine washable

SC-tek water-repellent treatment is durable to machine wash and mechanical wear

Environmentally friendly

SC-tek polymers are not hazardous to humans, and the treatment process doesn't use water, so it doesn't produce waste water


Outdoor apparel

SC-tek coating on membrane fabric’s outer layer greatly increases its service time, and eliminates the need for the consumer to renew the outer coating with spray-on hydrophobic treatments.

Indoor and furniture textiles

SC-tek treatment of fabrics greatly increases its resistance to stains and smudges. That makes SC-tek treated fabrics ideal for home decoration, indoor and furniture textiles, such as curtains, tablecloth and more.

Special purpose clothing

SC-tek technology not only provides water-resistant properties to fabrics, it also makes them resistant to a wide variety of other liquids. This is greatly advantageous for medical and lab coats as well as other special purpose clothing.

Example treatments

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